Dedicated to the memory of Emerson Thomas

This site is a tribute to Emerson Thomas, who was born in Freetown on March 07, 1950. He is much loved and will always be remembered.


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Reverend Thomas is a great pillar and a great visionary, my sincere condolences to the family. Our Project of building Schools and Hospital has all fails, but i know you will give me a good hearted person to take over. All my families from US and UK are deeply in a big sorrow. ( Thanks
Jennifer May 19th, 2022
TRIBUTE TO MY COLLEAGUE AND BROTHER IN CHRIST CANON EMERSON THOMAS I start by thanking God for the life of Canon Emerson Thomas. The news of the sudden passing into the glory of Emerson came as a shock to me – a day after the birthday of my late brother Emile. Emerson was the young man who proposed Emile and Myna’s toast at their wedding. I got to know Emerson through the Scripture Union, Sierra Leone. Mr. Bill Roberts was the first Travelling Secretary. I returned home from Britain in 1967 a young Christian and joined the Scripture Union staff on secondment in 1972. As the work expanded, a young energetic man, Emerson Thomas joined the staff in 1976. I was taking him on a familiarisation in 1976, where unfortunately while Emerson was driving we had a near-death accident in which two people in the lorry we collided with died. Emerson had a bump as he hit his head on the dashboard whilst I had a scratch on my foot. Only God could have protected us. Emerson did not give up! Courageously, he continued. We continued until 1977 when I left. During that period, we developed a good rapport. Emerson would help me pick up my niece Vida from nursery when I was on tour or when I was busy and could not make it. Vida still remembers those acts of kindness. The families continued to draw closer in friendship and later became very close. I was sponsor for Emerson’s sister that later passed away. My late brother Rev. Emile Jones and Emerson developed a bond, and he proposed a toast at Emile’s wedding. Becky, Emerson’s twin became very fond and close to me up till today. She never forgets me. Every birthday, she would send a card and a present. May God console her and the rest of the family. What about Emerson’s other half Isabella? I cannot forget how she would sew lovely dresses for me. They took me to see their lovely home the last time I visited Sierra Leone. May God sustain her as she battles through her ailment and all the family. Emerson ran his race and has entered into a well-earned rest with the heavenly Father. Thanks be to God. Mrs. Aureola Enwezor (Nee Jones) and family.
Emilia March 5th, 2021
Rest in Perfect Peace Emerson. Our deepest condolences to the entire Thomas family. Juanita Luke & family.
Juanita March 4th, 2021
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